Media Deduper’s Latest Features, Including BULK processing & Removing Unused Images!

Gone are the days of nudging your Screen Options’ per page limit as high as your server will allow! The most commonly requested feature we get for the Media Deduper plugin – bulk smart delete – is now available. The latest release to Media Deduper has several incredible new features that will make your WordPress […]

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WordPress Plugins for Nonprofits: 20+ Awesome Options

With more than 55,000 plugins on and thousands of premium plugins on other plugin marketplaces, how do you determine which ones are the best WordPress plugins to use on your site? The beauty of WordPress is its extensibility. WordPress allows developers and content creators to easily add functionality to their websites. The already robust […]

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Clean Up Your WordPress Media Library

Is your WordPress media library a bit of a mess? We love WordPress at Cornershop. It’s the world’s most popular and intuitive content management system, powering more than one third of the internet. I could talk for hours — and have — about the amazing features that have made WordPress what it is today, but... […]

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