Media Deduper Deletes Duplicate and Unused WordPress Images

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Is Your Media Library Out of Control?

Media Deduper is the best WordPress plugin for identifying, eliminating and preventing against bloated media libraries. 

Its advanced technology not only identifies which media files are copies of each other, it can help you delete those duplicates without creating missing images on your site. And its upload detection prevents new duplicates from being uploaded, so once your media library is clean, it stays that way! 

Got a bunch of uploaded images you're not using? No problem, Media Deduper can find those for you too!

4 Amazing Features in 1 Plugin

Remove Duplicates
Prevent Future Duplicates
Find Unused Images
Find Missing Alt Tags

Clean up duplicate media library files.

Have you ever wondered why you have three copies of the same darn image file? Or if there’s a way you can stop your coworkers from creating duplicate images every single time they create a new blog post?

Media Deduper is the solution. Our WordPress plugin media cleaner indexes your entire media library, helping you easily identify, merge, and eliminate duplicate files.

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Guard against new duplicates in your media library.

It happens all the time – the second you finally clean things up, your coworker’s just going to add duplicates, so why even bother? Not anymore! Media Deduper for WordPress locks that stuff down.

Anyone who tries to import duplicate files will receive an error message from the media library letting them know the file already exists. This prevents them from creating a new mess of duplicate and unused images in your WordPress media library.

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Remove unused images from your media library.

Is your WordPress media library full of unused images or irrelevant files? Removing unused images from WordPress can clean up the chaotic jumbles of folders clogging up your library and slowing down your site.

Media Deduper’s simple interface for viewing and sorting files makes it easy to find duplicate and unused images. Then, you can easily bulk delete any unused files that are taking up space without serving a purpose.

Don’t destroy things you need.

One of the biggest challenges with removing duplicate images from WordPress is the fear that you’ll accidentally delete a file that’s important to your website’s published content.

Our WordPress media library deduper will not only find media library duplicates, but also merge them and update them with the correct file across your site. This keeps your library tidy while minimizing the risk of breaking any files displayed in live content.

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Improve SEO and accessibility.

In addition to helping keep your media library clean, Media Deduper Pro also can identify media library items without ALT tags.

It sounds esoteric, but not including ALT tag content with your images makes your site content harder for search engines — and screen reader users — to understand. Media Deduper makes it easy track down where you need to add image descriptions.

You’ve Got Options!

Up to 10 Sites

Pro license for those who manage a handful fo WordPress sites. Includes one year of updates.*


Download the plugin to keep you Media Library files tidy with one year of updates for a single site.*


Pro license for agencies and others who manage multiple WordPress sites. Includes one year of updates.*

* Renew annually for new updates and features.

“Media Deduper has saved me hours of work finding and eliminating duplicate images from the media gallery in multiple client sites.”
Seth Spears
Spears Marketing