Media Deduper Pro

Save disk space and bring some order to the chaos of your media library by downloading this WordPress plugin, built to help you find and eliminate duplicate images and attachments from your WordPress media library.

Once up and running, Media Deduper provides two key tools:

  1. A page listing all of your duplicate media files. The list makes it easy to see and delete duplicate files: delete one and its twin will disappear from the list because it’s then no longer a duplicate. Easy! The list is optionally now sortable by file size, so you can focus on deleting the files that will free up the most space.
  2. A scan of media files as they’re uploaded via the admin to prevent a duplicate from being added to your Media Library. Prevents new duplicates from being introduced, automagically!

Media Deduper comes with a “Delete Preserving Featured” option that prevents a post’s Featured Image from being deleted, even if that image is found to be a duplicate elsewhere on the site. If a post has a featured image that’s a duplicate file, Media Deduper will re-assign that post’s image to an already-in-use copy of the image before deleting the duplicate so that the post’s appearance is unaffected.